Asian Wife Finding Trip #2 – Japan Sidetrip

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So was finding a Chinese girlfriend the right option for me? By this time the Japan marriage agency had supplied me with a couple of leads for ladies who were interested in meeting me. So off to Japan I went.

I met four ladies on this trip. The first lady I’d only chatted to for a couple of weeks. My goodness, she was so beautiful in real life. As well as that, she spoke perfect English and I spent a lovely afternoon with her. But she wore a tiny dress for our meeting, caught a chill and I never saw her again.

Tokyo is a fabulous city to visit, but you'll need a lot of money to live there and date the local ladies
Tokyo is a fabulous city to visit, but you'll need a lot of money to live there and date the local ladies

Girl 2 was a girl I’d been chatting to for several months before we met. I liked her, but I wasn’t sure if I really liked her. Sure enough, when we met I still wasn’t sure. Added to that was the fact that she was a committed Christian, while I had been to church a couple of times in the past 10 years. Please learn from this – religion is one of those huge stumbling blocks that can derail a marriage, so if you’re not Christian, don’t start dating a Christian!

Girl 3, well she was quite nice, and she bought me some lovely gifts, but having just joined the agency I got the impression she was just anxious to meet the first man who came along.

Girl 4, well I should say lady here as she’s the only woman I’ve dated who has been older than me. Yeah, she was intelligent and sophisticated, but I felt no love towards her.

All through the trip I noticed that my wallet was emptying of Yen at an alarming rate. Tea for two in a posh Shinjuku department store was the biggest blow, and I realised that there are maybe 100 Western men in the world who can afford to date Japanese women on a long term basis.

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