MyLadyboyDate Revisited – Did I Find Ladyboy Love Here?

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If you want to chat to ladyboys online then I highly recommend MyLadyboyDate. It’s run by a friend of mine who has a super hot ladyboy girlfriend. Last time I looked there were 14,000 ladyboys with profiles on the site. Sign up and check them out!

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Hey guys,

I’m a friend of the owner of MyLadyboyDate and I was one of the first users to sign up to the site. I did a bit of beta testing in return for a free membership plan.

Well that was in 2013, and a lot has happened since then.

So is MyLadyboyDate still a good place to find a ladyboy girlfriend or more?

I’d say without hesitation – YES!

OMG Yes!

This site rocks. It has got a lot better since I was testing it in 2013.

Dating sites largely live and die by how many active members they have. And MyLadyboyDate doesn’t disappoint. I counted 146 Thai ladyboys who had been online on the site in the last week and were in my age/height range. A good number, but kind of dwarfed by the 1043 Filipino matching ladyboys who had been online in the same week!

Are there any other good countries for ladyboys? I only counted 5 ladyboys who had been online in the last week from Vietnam. There were none from Cambodia and two from Laos. That’s a real shame, especially as Laotian ladyboys can be really hot. I met one in a bar in Bangkok – she was stunning but also totally deranged. She left me with her false eyelashes, and some incredibly good memories.

Just for the record there were 5 from Malaysia, 6 from Japan and 1 from South Korea. Both Japan and Malaysia are kind of good 2nd tier destinations for ladyboy lovers, but the transgender communities are more underground in these countries.

On the downside there are less than half a dozen Chinese ladyboys on the site and as I’m currently in China this is a bit of a disappointment. I wanted to go to Thailand for Chinese New Year but I really fucked up my travel plans due to flight availability and credit card payment issues.

So basically if you’re interested in ladyboys then the Philippines and Thailand are the #1 destinations. Which one is best?

I lived in Thailand for 6 months during 2013 and I have to say it was a freaking awesome place to live. By contrast China is both noisy and polluted (but teaching jobs pay extremely well!). Oh, and did I say there aren’t many ladyboys here either?

Thailand was a great place to live, and it has ladyboys as well. A lot of them. I lived in Central Bangkok and I’d guestimate 1% of the male population there were transgender.

As well as ladyboys, Bangkok had some great food. I used to live in Ekkamai, and the Japanese shopping mall by the BTS Ekkamai station had better food than in Japan itself. It was also a great place to meet dates, and yes, I met my beloved ladyboy in that mall.

I’ve never been to the Philippines but I hope I can visit soon. While the Thai government is making things steadily worse for tourists, the Philippines government is making things better. Nothing can illustrate this better than the ease of getting a long term visa for each country. In Thailand it’s a hassle and even after you get the visa you normally have to do 90 day reporting. By contract it’s really straightforward to get a long stay visa for the Philippines. Especially if like me you’re below retirement age and don’t qualify for a retirement visa.

I have to seriously thing about planning to retire to the Phillies instead of Thailand. What’s more is that the Philippines has a whole load more ladyboys there. Plus I reckon they’re kind of cuter than those in Thailand. They seem more petite and more curvaceous. This is just what I look for in a girl.

Is it Easy to Date Ladyboys?

Well so much for fantasies, which are a big part of being interested in ladyboys in the first place.

How is the reality of the situation?

Well sadly it’s not as easy as you might think to get a date with a ladyboy. I lived in Bangkok for 6 months and only dated one in real life. I did of course meet plenty in bars, but that’s not always the same as dating.

The main problem I found was that I was mainly using the Thai Cupid dating site, which was and still is not that good for meeting ladyboys. You can’t always tell them from the female members. Sometimes they’re listed as guys. And as a heterosexual dude the last thing I want to do on a dating site is start getting emails from gay non-transgender dudes.

At the time I lived in Bangkok MyLadyboyDate was just getting started and there were less than 100 transgender members from Thailand on the site.

WeChat was kind of good for meeting ladyboys as well. However it’s now only really used by hookers.

Regardless of where you meet them, I did find ladyboys to be incredibly flaky. Scheduling dates with Bangkok residents is never easy due to their long working hours and Bangkok’s nightmare traffic. But I found it even harder to meet transgenders IRL compared to ladies.

The good news is that if you can overcome their flakiness then getting to meet the top tier ladyboys from a dating site isn’t always too difficult. Ladyboys can often struggle to find more long-term partners. Ladyboys are popular, but they’ll always be less popular than biological females.

I found when I logged into the site again that I had 61 messages waiting for me. I think my profile was deactivated for at least a couple of years, so if I was still shown on the site I would have had even more messages.

MyLadyboyDate vs Ladyboy Kisses

Ladyboy Kisses has been around forever and the site looks like it was designed in the 1990’s. MyLadyboyDate dates from 2013 and is a lot slicker to use. The user interface is really nice and clean. It only displays the key information you need to know. And it’s also mobile friendly. I know this is important these days as the majority of readers are using mobile devices to browse this site.

Both sites have a lot of members, so you won’t have too much problem finding ladyboys to chat to. Especially if you stick to members from Thailand or the Philippines.

I used to recommend Ladyboy Kisses as the best site, purely on membership numbers. But MyLadyboyDate is definitely the clear winner now. The owners connections with the online and offline transgender community have definitely paid off in terms of attracting high quality members.

Another great thing about MyLadyboyDate is that it’s specifically designed as a transgender-friendly site. It has special search tools so you can find ladyboys who are pre-op, post-op, haven’t had any ops or those sexy traps who just like to dress in female clothes (transvestites).

You can also specify sexual roles and seek those who are top, bottom or versatile.

Of course on both sites you can do the usual searches on location and height/weight. Height is especially important to me. When I lived in Thailand I found most ladyboys were taller than me – especially when they wore heels (which is very frequent). So my goal is to find somebody shorter than me. This can be a challenge when you’re only 5″ 6′ and a bit!

Thankfully the solution if you’re short like me and like petite girlfriends is to head for the Phillies rather than Thailand.

MyLadyboyDate has improved the photo display features a lot since I last used it. The photos of members are nice and big and generally good quality. As guys we’re always very interested in photos so it is important that a dating site gets this right.

Compare this with the Chinese TanTan dating app where so many of the female members put all kinds of bizzare Snapchat-type filters on their photos. Then ladies complain that they can’t find a nice guy!!!

Well that was a revisit to MyLadyboyDate. I’m very impressed with this site. Just for the record at the time of writing the site had over 13,000 transgender members. Which is incredible.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to MyLadyboyDate and check out the hot, hot ladyboys on that site!

If you have any other comments or observations about MyLadyboyDate or the other transgender dating sites then don’t be shy – leave your comments below.

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