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Whether you're seeking a bride or not, Asia is a fascinating place to visit

Welcome to Thai Brides. On this site you’ll find loads of useful information about visiting and living in Thailand as well as meeting and dating ladyboys.

If you want to chat to ladyboys online then I highly recommend MyLadyboyDate. It’s run by a friend of mine who has a super hot ladyboy girlfriend. Last time I looked there were 14,000 ladyboys with profiles on the site. Sign up and check them out!

Got any questions about Thailand or ladyboy dating? Leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer you.

Here’s a long list of Asian dating websites I recommend you take a look at.

I’ve divided them up into country and non-country specific sites. Most are best for men seeking Asian women, but I’ve thrown in a couple of ladyboy dating sites as well.

So sign up to one or more of these sites, get chatting and go live the dream of dating your very own Asian babe!

The Best Asian Dating Websites

There are a lot of Asian dating websites, and new ones seem to appear every month. So which ones are best? Below are my micro-reviews of all the sites I’ve tried.

Non-Country Specific Sites

If you’re not sure you want an oriental bride from a particular country, then stick to these sites. Just join one site and you can chat to women from a wide range of countries.

  • Asian is well onto becoming the best general Asian dating website. The majority of women on this site are from China, Thailand and the Philippines. You’ll also find women from many other Asian countries. The site is very easy to use, has good searching and matchmaking functions, and instant chat.
  • Cherry Blossoms is one of the longest established Asian dating sites. It’s also just about the cheapest site! There are vast numbers of women on this site. Blossoms is especially good for seeking Chinese and Filipino women.
  • Asian Kisses is quite good if you’re seeking a mail order bride and you want to see a lot of photos of her before you fly half-way around the world to meet her in Bangkok or Cebu. Members of this site can upload plenty of good sized photos of themselves.
  • DateInAsia is a totally free Asian dating site. While this site will save you money, the searching and matchmaking are very basic. All I found on this site were crazy ladies, but you might have more luck than me.
  • Ladyboy Kisses is a great site to use if you’re specifically looking for an Asian ladyboy/transsexual lover. This site is a bit more mainstream than the adult related shemale sites. As well as plenty of Thai ladyboys, there are also large numbers of Filipino ladyboys on the site.
  • MyLadyboyDate was launched in 2013 and is now the #1 ladyboy dating site. When I last looked there were over 14,000 ladyboys listed on the site!

Country Specific Sites

If you’re pretty sure you want a wife from a particular Asian country, then these sites might be right up your street.

  • Japan Cupid is a good place to meet Japanese girls to chat to. The downside is that it’s not at all easy to find a Japanese wife. My top tip? Look for a Chinese girlfriend instead! They’re just as attractive, but there are at least ten times as many Chinese women in the world, and Chinese women also regard having a foreign husband to be a huge status symbol.
  • Korean Cupid is worth a look if you like Korean women. Many men say that Korean women are the hottest in all of Asia. If you want to score with Korean women, the easiest way to do so is become an English teacher and teach English in South Korea.
  • China Love Cupid is by far my favorite Asian dating site. There are some great girls on this site. How do I know? I’ve met around a dozen of them in person! I found my current Chinese girlfriend on this site. By the way, she is awesome!
  • China Love Match is cheaper than Chinese Love Links and is a very under-rated site.. In terms of looks, education, standard of English spoken and all round loveliness, the quality of woman on this site is outstanding. Mail order brides these are not!
  • Chinese Kisses is also an under-rated site. My friend is a member of this site, and he’s found some awesome Chinese girls on this site. This site gets less traffic than Chinese Love Links, and that means the girls don’t get so totally bombarded with emails as they do on Chinese Love Links. Maybe I’ll join when my China Love Match subscription expires.
  • Chnlove is good if you want a very attractive mail order bride type of Chinese wife. The site is easy to use because there’s a built in translation service that allows you to communicate with Chinese women who speak no English. I’ll warn you that this site is expensive. Are the 11,000+ women on this site worth it? You decide!
  • Thai Cupid is great for Thai girls. There are plenty of English speakers as well as Thai girls who have good educations and social standing. This is my favourite Thai dating site.
  • Thai Love Lines was another decent Thai dating site, but it’s seriously dated now.
  • Thai Friendly is really popular these days. They’ve got really popular because the site is “free” and they have an App. On the downside you need to buy full membership if you’re serious about finding a long term partner, because the site is just too freaking slow to use in free mode.
  • Mizz Thai is a great one if you’re interested in a short term companion while you’re in Thailand or elsewhere in SE Asia. Why buy when you can rent?
  • Thai Kisses, Filipino Kisses and Chinese Kisses are all sister sites of Asian Kisses. These sites are all nice in that the girls can upload loads of photos of themselves, and you’ll also find girls who have been overlooked on some of the larger sites listed here.
  • Filipino Cupid is a good dating site for a man to join! Your ego will go sky high here when you realise that there are about a million Filipino women who want to marry you.
  • Melinda’s Penpals is about the best of the rest when it comes to Philippines dating sites. The owner is knowledgeable about Filipinas, and the site has some nice social networking type features. And man, do Filipinas love to chat!
  • Vietnam Cupid is good for Vietnamese women. I reckon Vietnamese women are the most beautiful in the whole of Asia. I hope to visit Vietnam one day. But I have visited the part of China that borders Vietnam, and the women there are so exotically beautiful I just couldn’t believe it.
  • Singapore Love Links – only really useful if you’re living and working in Singapore.
  • Hong Kong Cupid – again, only really useful if you’re a Hong Kong resident or have some sort of connection to the city.
  • Malaysian Cupid is worth a look if you want to find Malaysian singles. Just be aware that there are a lot of scammers operating out of Malaysia.

So if you want to find an Asian girlfriend, then these sites are worth a look.

By the way, I haven’t forgotten about Indonesia, Cambodia, or even Laos. Indonesia shouldn’t be overlooked – it is after all the 4th largest country in the world (in terms of population) as well as having many places worth visiting – like Bali.

Cambodia and Laos have such small numbers of Internet users compared to the other Asian countries that there’s not much of a choice of online members from these countries. Stick to Vietnam as the closest alternative.

If you’re interested in Cambodian, Indonesian or Laotian women then or Asian Kisses are the sites to use.

A word of warning though – scammers are common on all of these sites, especially those with women from the less well developed nations in Asia. Again, Malaysia is a particular hazard – I run a dating site and in the first two months of operation I had to ban every single account registered from Malaysia. So don’t send money to girls, and use this free questionnaire if you have doubts about anyone you’re chatting to.

If you want to know more about Asian dating websites, here’s a complete guide.

Have I missed out any good dating sites? Add your recommendations using the comments section below!

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