How to Spot Thai Dating Site Scammers – Are You Being Cheated?

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If you’re looking for a Thai bride online, then you need to be aware of the risks from scammers and romance scams.

Here are the key facts about dating site scammers, borne out by evidence I’ve seen, or heard reported on Internet forums:

  • Scammers target both men and women.
  • Scammers are present on virtually ALL dating sites. I myself have been contacted by scammers operating on some of the most popular Asian dating sites (and these are sites I recommend that you use to look for a Thai bride).
  • If you’re the victim of a money related scam, then the chance of getting your money back is pretty remote.

Don’t underestimate the risks – mainstream media outlets in the UK have reported stories of men and women losing £50,000 or more through contact with people they’ve met on dating sites. That’s a lot of money to lose, especially if you’re middle aged and can’t build another nest egg.

Scammers Scammers Everywhere

So why do I recommend you use dating sites like Thai Cupid, Thai Friendly or DateInAsia, when so many people have encountered scammers on these sites?

The truth is that scammers are on ALL dating sites. Even the massive household names like and eHarmony have problems with scammers on their sites. Despite all the AI and machine learning available these days, the problem seems to be getting worse.

In truth the only way to avoid scammers is to use a marriage agency that introduces you to prospective Thai brides face to face. Even then, these agencies won’t protect you from crafty gold digging women and other women with other agendas. But at least they’ll shield you from potential scams such as Nigerian men posing as young Asian girls. Sadly online dating has pretty much killed off the traditional marriage agency like Thai Professional, so we’re much more at the mercy of scammers than in the old days.

African Romance Scammers

You’ve probably heard stories about African romance scammers. There are whole towns in Nigeria and neighbouring countries where the major source of employment is to scam Western people through email, chat rooms and dating sites!

Dating site scams are becoming much more popular, because lonely people make excellent scam victims. Scammers also like to target middle aged people, and men seeking Thai brides generally fit this profile very well indeed.

African men doing these scams do prefer to target women. They steal a photo of a good looking American guy then post a fake profile and try to chat to lonely older women. These scams are very effective and I know women who have been targeted by these scammers.

I’ve not heard of African men pretending to be Asian women on dating sites. But one type of Asian women you MUST avoid talking to on dating sites are Asian women who claim to be living in Africa or the Middle East. 9.9 times out of 10 these will be scammers. Think your girl is different? Yeah, right.

That’s the thing about these scams. The scammers use exactly the same techniques time and time again, because people think that the person they’re talking to is DIFFERENT.

If you want a Thai wife, then either chat to one in your own country (so you can check them out in person), or find one from Thailand.

More Signs Your Thai Girl is a Scammer

African scammers are very common. But with Thai dating you’ve also got to be careful of Thai women themselves.

Thai girl scammers are VERY common on Thai dating sites. If you’re worried you’re talking to a scammer, then you’ll definitely want to bookmark our is she a scammer tool.

I’m not sure what the true figures are, but listen to this. I once had an email from a middle aged American who was using a well known Asian dating site. He said he had talked to 50 women, and he reckoned 48 of them were scammers.

There are two other Thai scams you need to know about:

Ladyboy Scams

Just be aware that some Thai girls are actually dudes. Furthermore, they’re pretty damned convincing!

Remember that thousands of guys find a cute girl in Bangkok or Pattaya, but it’s only when they get back to their hotel that they realise they’ve found a ladyboy.

So if Thai ladyboys are convincing enough to pass for women in the flesh, then imagine how much harder it’s gonna be to spot them using one or two poor quality snapshots the member has uploaded to their dating site profile.

I’ve got nothing against ladyboys. In fact, if you like that sort of thing it’s entirely possible to find a ladyboy girlfriend on a site like Ladyboy Kisses or MyLadyboyDate. But what is annoying are the few ladyboys who aren’t open about their gender.

Thankfully the ladyboy problem is less on an issue these days. So many guys actually like ladyboys that tgirls no longer need to hide their secret.

Affiliate/Chat Site Scams

Be wary of girls who want to chat to you on a different site to the one you met them on. Often they are working as affiliates for the other site, and they’ll get $20 or more if they sign you up to that site.

This other site will end up costing you more money than the site you met the girl on.

Trust me – this happened to me on Chinese Love Links (sister site of Thai Love Links). The girl wanted me to pay for a translator service on another site which charged $5 each time I sent her an email.

So please, don’t fall for this scam either!

Scams – A Summary

As far as scams go, this is all you need to remember:

The majority of romance scammers are looking for money. If you don’t send money to people you’ve met on the internet then you’re much less likely to get scammed.

Scammers have plenty of victims – there are 34,050 men on Thai Kisses for example. If you resist them then after 5-6 emails they’ll know you’re not going to fall for a scam and they’ll lose interest in you.

One huge red flag you need to be aware of is that scammers don’t like to appear on webcam. If a girl refuses to chat to you on webcam, then I’d reckon there’s a 60% chance she’s a scammer. If so, then you’ll need to proceed very carefully indeed, especially if you see other red flags. At the end of the day, there are 15,555 Thai girls on Thai Kisses alone. Really it’s in your best interest to choose some other girls to chat to.

Trust me, if a decent girl is interested in you, then she’ll make it pretty obvious. And for what it’s worth none of the wonderful Asian women I’ve met online have ever expected me to send them money.

So enjoy your Asian dating experience, and don’t let a simple romance scam spoil your experience or your entire future.

By the way, on Thai Bride we’ve got free tool to help you decide if that sweet Thai girl you’re talking to is actually a scammer. Check it out:

If you’ve had problems with scammers, or with finding a dating site that isn’t totally infested with scammers then leave your comments below (anonymously if you like).

7 Comments on “How to Spot Thai Dating Site Scammers – Are You Being Cheated?”

  1. The truth is these scammers are used by site to run their site…
    lol dont make us fool
    we know fraudulent practise of these dating site
    you could buy information on followers of silk way

    lol the top world dating site is french
    lol this corp have a staff of geek, worker to delete(for that we pay membership): about 400geeks hours after hours will delete such profile… 99% profiles of these site. exposing filipina thai will be deleted on meetic lol

    so shut up

    and fellow my legal action lol against one of your favorite site

  2. lol most of these using fraudulent scheme…so normal scamer are numerous

    -scam google with fraudulent profile posted by indian scheme
    (well know scheme are used by for example before french minsiter Valls using fake profile facebook (top bengla desh india business)
    all these site used them
    one site lost support of google
    you could trace indian activity
    not only katoeys scam

    all these dating site using such scheme
    must be closed by authority in europa

    lol we have law
    and association to banned these site in europa
    and put owner into interpol

    lol dont argue

    1. Scammers shammers…

      … I don’t know why people are so paranoid about scammers. Keep your brain on and keep your wallet zipped up. You’ll only get scammed if you send somebody money. Remember that old phrase money can’t buy love.

      If you’re serious about finding a bride in another country then hop on a jet and go visit that country. If you’re an older dude then go get a Thai retirement visa and live there for 6 months/year/permanently then you’ll avoid the worst of the online scammers.

  3. This site is a 100% complete scam. How is my experience. I signed up 3 days ago as a standard member meaning I did not buy a subscription. I wanted to check it out and see what it was like first. I have tested Asian dating sites because I have read many reviews and men complaining about how fake these sites are. So I signed for 3 days.

    1. Uploaded 5 photos and received an email back saying the photos were approved and would take a few hours for them to show up. Waited 3 days and I noticed that my profile had no photo on my main login page. The content I wrote was there, but no photos. I then checked my photo section and I saw 2 of my photos, but they showed as hidden. Why hidden? I never selected to hide my photos.

    2. I have sent multiple emails to and no reply. I have sent like 15 emails over the past few days, and yet not one reply.

    3. Here is the kicker. So I did a search. I selected I am a female searching for male. I put in my country, my city, my state and within 50 miles of my home. I am logged into the site, hit the search feature and I am not even showing up in the search results. How is that even possible. How is it possible that I am receiving interest and likes from members when my profile and photos are not even displaying in a search area.

    If someone can explain this to me, I will take back everything I said and apologize.

    I swear, there is a photo listed from the search that the guy looks like Dennis Rodman.

    I warning any male that is thinking about using this site. I have only tested this site so far and I am telling you it is a complete 100% SCAM. If you want to give away your money, just send it to me.

    Actually, one moment. I am also testing Okay, my photo shows up there, but I am only guessing because I am a gold member.

  4. Hello, if anyone can answer this, I would appreciate it. I recently have been acquainting with a lady, 34, living in Thailand. I met her on POF. I was the first to message her and it took a few messages to finally get her attention. She responded in the simplistic ways that are usually the first signs of a scam, but I gave her my email anyway. She did NOT ask for money right way, but we exchanged a few simple emails, some she sent were pretty long and descriptive.

    She claims she is a nurse not working at the moment…Father is Thai, Mother deceased and Chinese, I think…and she is currently living in China and is from Yala…these emails along with several clear photos including a scanned copy of a driver’s license with her name on it. She also scanned a copy of her expired visa which was in fact her face and name on it. It seems to check out. I also received an email she sent with a list of 18 or so questions she had for me to supposedly see if I was the “serious” man she had been seeking and if I was right for her.

    She claims to be not with a lot of money, that her dad is a retired contractor on a pension…and the photos I saw had her in places looking like nice neighborhoods to backdrops that looked rather plain, as in a garage or simple house…One was of her cooking. She is quite the beautiful lady. The last email was mentioning that she did not have current funds to update her expired Visa and as she had mentioned that she is interested in meeting someone face to face…she wanted to see about meeting. I have been skeptical all along eventhough her request for funds was itemized as to the expenses it would take to renew her passport, visa visa, etc as under $400.00 or so.

    Actually her photocopy was of a recently expired passport. I stand corrected, plus drivers license she showed me at my request. As I wanted to be sure that I was not talking to a dude…She even showed me at my request, a photo wit her holding a note saying “Hello (My name! on it. It was not shopped. We have been engaging on Skype chat for a while…she seems eager to get it going but each time I have questioned why she cannot do webcam or use a mic she insists that she needs a new lap top for that because she is using an old computer. But, she did try to call me briefly on the phone. It was a female voice and she claims to have used a landline, her Father’s line, and had tried to use a pay phone. This was spontaneous at my request. Her voice sounded a bit young, but that’s no indication of anything, as many people have young sounding voices, especially many Asian women.

    After a couple weeks now, she seems to be getting tired of my resistance and insists and sears to God and on her Mother’s grave she is re and genuine…Just wanting to find a good man… She did not ask for airfare. She does indicate she would rather come here first as she says it would cost me more to go there, or something to that nature. This is a tough one because some things indicate she actually may be legit…and some things seem to make her look suspicious. I told her that I would pay and arrange her airfare from HERE in the US…and she did not seem t have an issue with that, but still indicates she cannot travel unless the passport/visa, etc fees are handled first.

    Her photos, at least from a physical sense, are the woman that is perfect for me…But I do not want to be taken for a fool and had indicated this numerous times to which she seems to finally get frustrated and says she has done all she can do and I will just have to take the chance for her to prove me wrong. I even asked her to take a photo with her and er Father in the photo. She wanted me to send the funds via Western Union to her Dad’s account or Money gram to a friend of her dad..and to me this is a big red flag.. But I thought…Maybe, just maybe she is just poor…and maybe its legit.There are, in fact, many poor women in these part of the world who are absolutely stunning in beauty and sincerity. I did photo and email searches and nothing turns up under what she has, at least that I can find. And, she looks clean and neatly dressed in her photos…

    I guess I am wondering IF there is a way to really see if she checks out and how to have her prove it within her means. Any suggestions on what I can or should be asking her? I really hope she is legit. I’d feel bad if she actually just might be and I have been treating her like a scam with skepticism.

    Any advice is appreciated!

  5. I certainly can appreciate your concern. I also met a woman and I am in a very similar situation. She is requesting I assist her with her visa application and she needs some items resolved. So i am visiting her to handle the visa and I will go there in July and I will get her ticket to fly back here with me.

    She agreed to that and I will not give her family any assistance until she is here with me in the states.I will pay the tcket for her to come when I am there in Thailand. She paid for her passport.

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