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Welcome to Thai Brides. On this site you’ll find loads of useful information about visiting and living in Thailand as well as meeting and dating Thai girls.

If you want to find a Thai bride then I highly recommend Thai Cupid. I averaged one date a week while I was using it when I lived in Bangkok. Sign up and check them out!

Got any questions about Thailand or Thai dating? Leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer you.

Cupid Media Pty Ltd are a dating site operator with a large number of niche dating sites. Many of these dating sites allow men and women from a wide range of countries to meet, so they are active players in the mail order brides online dating scene.

At the time of writing, Cupid Media had 33 dating sites. Not all are aimed at the mail order brides scene – there are niche dating sites that include Military Cupid (military dating) and Pink Cupid (lesbian dating).

Cupid Media sites worth mentioning as far as mail order brides go include:

  • AsianEuro (this site is now more commonly referred to as
  • Brazil Cupid
  • Caribbean Cupid
  • Chinese Love Links
  • Colombian Cupid
  • Dominican Cupid
  • Filipino Cupid
  • Indonesian Cupid
  • Indian Cupid
  • International Cupid
  • Latin American Cupid
  • Russian Cupid (formerly Russian Euro)
  • Thai Love Links
  • Ukraine Date
  • Vietnam Cupid

There are also a number of sites where you can find Asian men and women, but these are focussed on more advanced economies where it’s not generally possible to find mail order brides:

  • Hong Kong Cupid
  • Japan Cupid
  • Korean Cupid
  • Singapore Love Links

Chinese Love Links is a great place to meet professional Chinese ladiesAll of the Cupid Media dating sites are free to sign up to, and unlike a few other sites (like Cherry Blossoms dating for example), the free membership plans aren’t time limited. Paid membership plans are generally Gold or Platinum memberships. There isn’t usually a huge amount to choose between the two plans, but it looks a bit more impressive if you’re trying to woo a woman and you have a Platinum membership. I’ll say women because as far as online dating goes it’s normally the man who ends up paying, and this is especially the case with mail order brides. I have however noticed that an increasing number of Asian women are paying for membership of some of these sites in the hope that it will help them stand out from the tens of thousands of members that many of these sites have.

As far as the sites go, they have excellent search engines and some good matchmaking features. They’re well worth the subscription fee compared to the free mail order bride sites such as Date In Asia. The membership fees also compare favorably with their competitors such as Thai LoveLines and Asian Kisses.

Plenty of men and women have found love on these sites, as well as made many long lasting friendships. If you want to find a language exchange partner they’re also a good place to look.

I am impressed with the quality of member on the Cupid Media sites. These sites do tend to attract plenty of single professional ladies. They often sign themselves up to the site using their computer either at home or at work. In fact I’d say that the ladies I’ve seen on Chinese Love Links are of much higher quality than on dating sites in my own (supposedly) developed country. These ladies are a long way of what most people would think of as traditional mail order brides!

The Cupid dating sites aren’t without problems however. My main concerns are:

  • It’s a shame you have to pay for membership of each site separately, with no loyalty discount. I had to pay for Japan Cupid membership and Chinese Love Links membership separately, which was a shame. With hindsight I might have been better off subscribing to, as there are ladies from a wide range of countries on this site.
  • Many of the profiles on the site are very old. It’s not just me complaining about this – I’ve heard the same from others.
  • Scammers, scammers, scammers! Scammers plague just about every dating site out there and internet dating scams are a huge and growing problem. They’ve got men signing up with stolen credit cards, webcam scam ladies, money scammers, Nigerians pretending to be Asian women, weirdos and plenty of other undesirable members on them.

Visiting Japan? Sign up to Japan Cupid to find some cute Japanese ladies to meet while you're there!I know most about Asian dating, and every Chinese lady has an official government supplied ID card, so why doesn’t a site like Chinese Love Links make it mandatory to upload a scan of this ID card? This would go a long way towards reducing fraud on the site, and it would make it much harder for Nigerian and Ghanaian men to register and pretend to be Chinese ladies.

Oh well, at the end of the day there are scammers just about everywhere online. The good news is that once you’ve been a member of a Cupid Media site for a month or two then you can soon learn to recognize the scammers, and just delete their emails and interests straight away.

I’ll also add that I’ve met some wonderful ladies through the Cupid dating sites, and I’ve had a fabulous time visiting them in person.

I’ve also saved a fortune in letter writing costs since I ditched the Chnlove Chinese dating site in favor of Chinese Love Links!

So if you’re interested in finding a mail order bride then the Cupid Media sites are well worth a look. Take advantage of the free membership options, which at least allow you to view ladies’ profiles and help you to decide if you want to find a foreign bride from a particular country.

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