Alternatives to Thai Brides

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When I started thinking about finding an Asian bride of my own, I thought that Thailand was the only choice.

Not at all!

So if you’re just starting your own search for an Asian bride, then make sure you know what alternatives are out there!

Below is a list of Asian countries worth considering if you want an Asian bride.

The list is roughly ordered according to the popularity of the country’s women (as far as Western men seeking Asian brides go).

Of course there are also the city territories of Singapore and Hong Kong to consider. Both are good places to find single Asian women, although they’ll probably only appeal to you if you’re actually living and working in them.

If you’re not sure which country’s ladies are right for you, then check out the Asian bride selector tool:

After spending 6 months in Bangkok, I dated quite a few non-Thai women there. Here’s my braindump of everything I found out about dating non-Thai women in Thailand.

So if you’re a single guy interested in finding an Asian bride, then make sure you investigate all the options – Thailand isn’t the first and last word as far as Asian women are concerned.

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