Laos Women – Better Than Thai Brides?

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Laos is one of the less well known Asian countries. But if you’re interested in alternatives to Thai brides, then Laotian women could be of interest to you.

Landlocked Laos is a small country that borders Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand and China.

Unknown and unloved for decades, Laos is now becoming increasingly popular with backpackers who want to see an Asian country that is far less spoiled than its neighbours.

Attractions for men seeking Asian brides include the fact that it’s a good place to find more traditional Asian women, as well as being a very cheap place to visit.

Advantages of Laotian Women

I always recommend that men seeking Asian brides spend as much time as they can in Asia. Speaking from experience, I can certainly say that trying to look for a wife on a two week vacation to Thailand is very hard work.

The cost of living in Laos is very low, so it’s an ideal place to spend a month or more looking for an Asian bride.

This is all well and good, but how do you find Laotian women who are interested in finding Western husbands?

My¬† recommendation would be to hang out in Laos for 6 months or more, and get working your local contacts. Asian people are generally very friendly towards foreigners, so you’ll not find it hard to meet women.

It’s worthwhile seeking out Western expats who already have Laotian wives. You can guarantee that a Laotian woman with a Western husband will know at least half a dozen family members or friends who are single and like the idea of finding their own Western husband. This is pretty much how the whole Thai bride thing started over in Thailand!

It’s also possible to meet Laotian women on dating sites. To my knowledge there aren’t any Laotian specific dating sites. If you know of any, then leave comments below.

However, it is possible to find Laos girls on the popular Asian dating sites with girls from any country.

I found 37 Laotian women between the age of 18 and 30 on Asian While the numbers are small, quality is certainly not lacking. I was impressed by the beauty of the Laos girls I found on this site. The girls are also clearly from the upper reaches of Laotian society. Most claimed to speak good English, and they are clearly well educated.

I’m not sure how I’d describe the look of Laotian women – exotic is probably the best word. They look very similar to Vietnamese women. This is a good thing, as I’m starting to think Vietnamese women are the best looking in all of Asia.

DateInAsia, Cherry Blossoms and Asian Kisses are also worth a look.

Just be aware that with a poor transportation infrastructure, it takes a long time to get anywhere in Laos. So you might be better off sticking to the women in larger cities like Vientiane (Viangchan).
As for getting to Laos, you’ll probably find it’s best to go via an international hub like Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport. Maybe you’d like to stay in Bangkok for a few days in order to check out Thai women as well.

So Laotian women are an interesting alternative to Thai women, especially if you’ve got time to spend a few months living in South East Asia.

Are Laotian brides the new Thai brides? Do you think Laotian women are worth dating? Leave your comments below.

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