What Are The Risks Involved in Finding a Thai Bride?

Rainy season floods... a regular occurrence while I was living in Bangkok!

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What are the risks and possible problems involved with finding a Thai Bride?

Here are some issues you need to be aware of.

My own experience of looking for an Asian wife has certainly had its ups and downs.

So is it worthwhile looking for an Asian wife?


So don’t let any of this put you off, but make sure you know exactly what you’re letting yourself in for.


Another article gives a breakdown of the likely costs involved with finding a Thai bride.

All I’ll add here is that finding a bride from another country is expensive. Make sure you do the math and make sure you really can afford a Thai bride. It’s time consuming too, which will cause costs to add up. I lived in China for 4 months and didn’t really find anyone. Then Iived in Bangkok for 6 months and ditto – didn’t really find anyone there either. I found some possiblities, but that was all I found.

Language and Cultural Mis-understandings

I messed up the first relationship I had with an Asian woman. Since she didn’t speak much English, communication was very difficult. On top of that, there was still so much I didn’t know about Asian culture.

Apparently when I met her parents I made some faux pas. Maybe I didn’t eat enough of her mom’s cooking. Actually it was delicious but I was really struggling with culture shock and not to mention not terribly great hygiene standards in that part of China.

I met a really great girl in Thailand. One day I arranged to meet her at the BTS station. I saw this really hot girl standing outside the Ekkamai mall. Wow – it was my girl! I really liked her but after 2 dates she took me to a restaurant with her sister, her husband and their two kids. I ended up paying for the whole meal. I kind of got mad with my girl and that was pretty much the end of the relationship. It’s a shame but really I think she was only really holiday romance quality. I don’t think she would have turned out to be that great a wife.

So bear in mind that you might screw up your first relationship with a Thai woman. If that happens, then move on, learn from your mistakes, and search for another woman.

If it’s any consolation, since I began learning the language and culture (as well as get more knowledgeable about using dating sites), the women I’ve subsequently dated have been even better than the last one.

Gold Diggers and Scammers

If you’re intending to use a Thai dating site to find a bride then it’s essential to have a good understanding of how to spot a scammer.

Bookmark this page which will help you determine if the girl you’re chatting to is a scammer:

After 2-3 months of using an Asian dating site then the dangers are much reduced, because you’ve probably seen most of the scams by then.

You still need to be on the lookout for gold diggers and women who just want a visa to allow them to leave Thailand. These women are kind of harder to spot. It’s funny that all the Thai women I’ve met have very much just lived in the present. But on the other hand many are long term schemers who are happy to wait out a marriage with a 70yo dude in order to collect his inheritance.

By the way – as well as spotting scammers, the scammer test above is reasonably good at identifying gold diggers.

Lazy girls are also a type of girl that you should probably avoid. Often these are bar girls, or ex-bar girls. A big giveaway is if they smoke. They can be quite fun to be around (if that’s what you want) but ultimately you’d be heading into a chaotic relationship. I had a fling with a bar girl who smoked. I looked in her wallet and of course it was empty. She kind of lived on cigarettes, chewing gum and the kindness of foreign guys like me.

Is She Faithful?

If you’re looking for a wife who’s much younger than you, then you might have big concerns about whether she’ll be faithful.

Most men don’t seem to know this, but women cheat much more often than men think they do. Having a sister who tells you everything has made me confirm this.

Finding a woman who will be faithful isn’t always easy. But once a cheater, always a cheater is the golden rule here.

Are Mail Order Brides Legal?

Are mail order brides legal?

It’s perfectly legal to marry a Thai woman. Just make sure she hasn’t been people trafficked into your country. This is pretty unlikely if you’re a Western guy seeking a Thai bride.

Besides, before your Thai bride comes to your country then she’ll need to apply for a visa. Most women are interviewed in the course of the visa application, so everything needs to be legal and above board.

One thing you do need to be sure about is that you’ll actually be able to get your new Thai bride to come and live with you in your country. Applications are rarely turned down. However, if you don’t have a source of income to support you and your new bride, or your house is too small then you might have problems.

Jealousy and Other Relationship Issues

Thai women might be foreign and exotic, but they’re still women. And one thing I’ve noticed is that women are insanely jealous of other women.

If you’re chatting to a few Thai women, then it’s best not to talk to one lady about another.

For a peaceful life, it’s best not to mention any other women you’re currently talking to, or have talked to or have visited previously.

Oh and if you’re also interested in ladyboys, then keep that aspect of your life completely separate from any women you might be chatting to or dating. This is the No.1 rule if you’re interested in dating both ladies AND ladyboys.


Finding a wife from Thailand is stressful.

I’ve been searching for an Asian wife off and on for nearly 10 years now.

The best advice I can give is to take things slowly. If a relationship ends badly, then take at least three months out before starting to find another potential Thai bride.

And if you’re recently separated or divorced, then make sure you’re over your previous relationship before you start seeking a Thai bride.

So if you’re looking for a Thai bride then don’t get carried away. A proper understanding of the risks involved will help you avoid losing your mind or your life savings in the process.

The Kid in a Candy Store Syndrome

Listen up – there are HUGE numbers of Thai women looking for Western husbands.

Actually, the font I’ve used for “huge” doesn’t really do justice to the numbers involved here.

All these ladies sending you emails on Thai dating sites can have its drawbacks. And it’s even worse when you visit Thailand and see stunning girls absolutely everywhere.

The problem is commitment.

How do you know your girl is The One?

All I know is, when I’ve found The One, then I’ve stopped talking to other women. I don’t log into dating sites. And before I go to sleep, she’s the person I think about.

Heat of the Moment

It’s all too easy to get carried away once you visit women in Thailand.

On the first visit I made to China, I wanted to get engaged to a girl I’d only been with for a week. I guess this was a little crazy, but at least I didn’t marry her then and then.

And as for my second visit, well I can only say that what happened in China on that visit stays in China!

I will point out that Thailand is extremely hot and humid, and both factors cloud judgement. If you’re visiting a large city like Bangkok then there’s also the assault on the senses from the in your face noise, dust and general chaos.

I strongly recommend that whatever happens in Thailand, you return home and take at least three months to think about your next course of action.

Marriage is a huge step for a man… a huge step.

If you have any questions about the process required to find a Thai bride then leave your comments below.

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