Is Dating Thai Women Worthwhile?

Bored of Western women? Then try the Asian singles scene!

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I’ve been looking for an Asian wife for around four years now.

So I guess I often ask myself, is it worthwhile dating Asian women?

Here are some insights into whether it’s worthwhile to date a Thai woman.

Costs and Risks

Another article outlines the potential costs involved with finding a Thai bride. I’ve personally found that it’s pretty expensive to look for a wife from Asia. Most of the costs are involved with travelling to and from Thailand to meet women.

They may look awesome but getting a hot (or any) Asian babe back to your own country AKA “mail order brides” will cost you a heck of a lot of money…

But once you’ve found the Thai girl of your dreams the costs don’t stop there. I had a look the other day and the cost of getting a visa for my Asian fiance would be close to £1000!

Ouch – that’s nearly a month’s wage for many people!

It’s also a little risky dating Thai women. The biggest risk is arguably the dating site scammer. I built this scammer detector in the hope that more guys think before they send money to Thai women. I’m not optimistic though. According to the UK government, internet scams are one of the fastest growing businesses!

Visiting Asia is always a little risky. Asia is fairly safe, but statistics of Westerners getting into trouble in Thailand make for grim reading. Many victims are young backpackers, but older guys can get into difficulty as well.

When I lived in Bangkok I must admit that most of the risks came from my fellow countrymen, not from the locals. One night I stayed in a 24 hour bar. At about 2 or 3am the Brit I had been drinking with got all aggressive and started accusing me of boring the ladyboys so much that they went home. In fact they had just gone home because it was 2 or 3am and they need to sleep as much as anybody else!

I also saw some Aussie guy randomly pick a fight with an Indian porter someway down Sukhumvit. Now if that guy had picked a fight with a Thai guy he would have been quickly dispatched to the emergency room.

Oh and did I mention that my bar girl friend’s bff had a stun gun in her handbag and a violent and unpredictable boyfriend? There are just so many ways to get into trouble in Thailand!

I guess the important thing to remember is that if you’re in Thailand looking for a bride, stay away from other guys’ women, especially if the woman has a Thai boyfriend or husband! And be super streetwise wherever you go. It’s better to lose face than to lose a limb or even your life.

Are Thai Women Really Better?

Don't underestimate the huge cultural differences between East and West
Don’t underestimate the huge cultural differences between East and West

I guess men seeking Thai brides fall into three categories:

  1. Men who like Asian women (so-called yellow/rice fever).
  2. Men who are fed up with Western women.
  3. Men who want to find younger wives.

Liking Asian women is nothing to be embarrassed about. In fact it’s probably the most valid reason for seeking a Thai bride.

Obviously it’s also possible to find a much younger wife in Thailand. Again, this is quite a good reason for wanting to find a Thai bride. However, if you’re not that interested in starting a family then you’re invariably better off dating Thai women who are closer to your own age.

As to men seeking Thai brides because they’re fed up with Western women – I’d say be cautious if this is your reason for dating Thai women.

I’ve chatted to dozens, maybe hundreds of Asian women on the major Asian dating websites. I have to say that the number of lazy women, gold diggers, narcissists,  and so on is probably much the same as you’ll find in the USA, Canada or another Western country.

While it’s quite likely that you can find a Thai woman who’s much better than a Western woman, you’ll invariably find that men with successful marriages to Thai brides are those who love Asia and it’s women.

Is a Thai Bride Best for YOU?

I’ve lived in both Thailand and China. I think Chinese women make much better wives. On the other hand it’s much more fun to live in Thailand!

It’s quite difficult to know if you’d feel happy with a Thai bride. My best advice here is just to get out to Thailand and meet some women. For a while I thought I wanted a Japanese wife. But after meeting a number of Japanese women it turned out they weren’t as great as I’d imagined them to be.

I did the same when I was thinking about finding a Chinese wife. I actually ended up living in China. Man, I did not really love China. But I did find the ladies were pretty awesome – certainly better than anyone I could hope to meet back home.

As for Thailand, well everyone says Thai women are so great, it’s a dating paradise etc. etc. – yet when I lived there I didn’t find it was the case at all. Sure I went on plenty of dates but it was hard work dating there. The women were a lot flakier and there were plenty of no-shows. I never had a Chinese woman not turn up to our first date – not once! Well maybe that tells you all you need to know about Thai women…

So I’d always make sure that you learn to know what Asian women are really like, and you don’t have too much of an idealised vision of what your future bride might be like.

Here’s a list of some great Thai dating sites where you can chat to Thai women online. Just find some you like, then book a trip to Thailand and go date Thai women for real!

Dating Thai women is a big step for most men to take. If you have any questions about the whole process then leave your comments below.

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