Ladyboy Dating in Bangkok in 2020 – A Total Waste of Time?

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In this post I’ll write about my personal experiences of ladyboy dating in Bangkok in early 2020. Was it a dating paradise or a complete waste of time?

I’ll also talk about 6 websites/apps for meeting ladyboys: Tinder, WeChat, MyLadyboyDate and ThaiFriendly. Which one is best, and which ones can you use to meet ladyboys for free? Keep reading to find out…


I used Tinder before in the UK but I didn’t find it that good. What is Tinder good for? It’s good for women seeking confirmation as to how valuable they are in the sexual marketplace. What’s it not good for? All that swiping is a huge fucking waste of time, especially if you’re a guy.

I found Tinder was good at first in Bangkok. I signed up and within 24 hours I’d got nearly 100 matches. However, you have to pay money in order to see all your matches right away. If you’re time limited in Bangkok then you might want to think about setting up your dates before you get to Thailand.  I believe you can do this by using the passport feature, that allows you to check out profiles in other cities.

Oh, I’ll add that Tinder has no special feature that allows you to identify ladyboys – they’re lumped in with the men or (more usually) with the biological ladies.

I’d say about 20% of ladyboys say that they’re ladyboys in their profile. The rest… who knows.

I talked to a guy in a Sukhumvit sports bar (The Game) and he reckoned that half the Bangkok ladies on Tinder were actually ladyboys. I’m not sure I agree with him. I reckon it could be 10%.

One crucial tip I will give you if you’re interested in dating both ladies and ladyboys is to not let worlds collide. Ladies DO NOT like ladyboys and if you write on your profile that you’re interested in ladyboys then ladies will give you the cold shoulder. I’ve written about this issue here. The best thing you can do is to keep quiet about your interest in ladyboys. Alternatively just date one or the other on your next trip to Thailand, or keep one app for ladies and one for ladyboys.

So is Tinder any good?

Sadly I found it a waste of time. Everyone gets so many matches on it that nobody ever comes out on real dates. It made me laugh too that some profiles say something along the lines of I have a kid and a demanding job so I can’t come out on dates.

The only plus point is that Tinder in Bangkok is hugely entertaining. There are some truly incredible ladies out there posting all kinds of bonkers photos.

Is Tinder a place to find true love?

Of course not. While she’s on an expensive date with you, she’ll probably start swiping again as soon as you go to the restroom. There’s always someone who is taller than you/has more money than you/a bigger cock/a more chiselled jawbone.


WeChat is a Chinese messaging app a bit like LINE or Whatsapp. One nice feature is that it has a People Nearby function. In 2013 when I lived in Bangkok I used this feature to find ladies in my local area. It lead to a couple of random dates. One girl was really attractive and she had a lovely mild temperment. Sadly as soon as her big fat married sister found out about me I was on the hook for thousands of baht. Well I quit that relationship, much as it pains me.

Fast forward 7 years and I found the look around feature to be disappointing. Really the only people who use it now are ladyboy hookers. So if you want a hooker and are too shy to approach them in real life then it might be worth a go.

Personally I’ve uninstalled WeChat as I’m too paranoid about the Chinese government tracking me. For that reason I don’t recommend you install it.


MyLadyboyDate is a dedicated ladyboy dating website – there aren’t any biological females on it. The good thing about this website is that you can chat to ladyboys in your own country before going to Thailand.

I’ll also mention that you can chat to ladyboys from other countries too – most noteably the Philippines, and to a lesser extent, Malaysia.

I found that I got a fair number of emails from this site, but alas no dates. That sucked because unlike most of the other means of meeting ladyboys I’ve mentioned here I had to pay for MyLadyboyDate.

Personally I found that the majority of ladyboys on the site were freelancers. They may say they want long term relationships. Maybe that’s true. But it’s been my experience that hookers (and that’s what they are, hookers) do not make good girlfriends. Sure, the guy in Pretty Woman tried to make a go of it, but really hookers are damaged goods and are best avoided. If you disagree with me on this, then leave a comment below.

Thai Friendly

I was a big fan of Thai Cupid. In the old days it was absolutely the best website for meeting Thai women. However, the owners got complacent and sat on their asses while other sites made better apps and actually put in a search that allowed you to just find ladyboys.

Of course one of the best new generation Thai dating sites to appear was Thai Friendly. This site is very popular now and is the only Thai dating site you need. The site is kind of free, but it has some limitations in free mode. The first is that you can only send emails to members once every 10 minutes. This is a bit of a hassle, but the workaround is to just open new browser tabs with the profiles of the girls you want to chat to. The other main limitation is that free members can’t contact some of the more popular members. This is probably a good thing anyway, as you don’t want to date a girl who’s so popular you’ll be constantly looking over your shoulder.

There are a lot of ladyboys on Thai Friendly but I sadly I got no dates out of it. Many (most?) of the ladyboys on the site are freelancers. I did set up one date and rushed to the BTS to go meet her in Siam Paragon. Sadly she flaked and I found out later that she left her phone on the BTS. I don’t know whether to believe this story but I think it was true. Again, I’m almost certain she was a freelancer anyway so I’m doubtful that would have lead to anything long term.


This app (and website) is great if you’re just in Thailand for a week or three and want to fuck a ladyboy. Prices start at around 3000 baht for a couple of hours with a god level ladyboy. Oh, and you can arrange for female escorts through the app too.

If you’re not that interested in a long term relationship with a ladyboy but just want to fuck one (or have them fuck you) then I can highly recommend this app. There’s a good selection of ladyboys, from passable to super passable. Also the ladyboys are pre-screened so you have a bit more security and it’s better than finding a random ladyboy off the street.

Remember to check the reviews. Also get used to the app before you go to Thailand because many of the ladyboys on the app are regulars so you’ll soon get to know who is trustworthy. If possible draw up your shortlist before you go.

Another good thing is that you get to see what services each ladyboy offers. Most ladyboys offer everything, the filthy whores.

The readers of Stickman Bangkok highly rate this app, so give it a go.


I found Transdr in the app store. It’s pretty much identical to Tinder but it’s just for guys who want to meet transgender people.

The biggest problem with this app is that there just aren’t enough profiles on it. I’d guestimate there are about 20 Bangkok ladyboys on the app so it’s a waste of money to buy the thing.

About the only good reason to use this app is if you can’t wait to go to Thailand and want to date a transgender in your own country. But again there just don’t seem to be that many people using it.


Bars can be quite good places to meet ladyboys in Bangkok. However, avoid gogo bars as they’re just for places to fuck ladyboys short time.

There are a few beer bars in and around Bangkok that are frequented by ladyboys. However, they’re not quite so common as the bars like the ones at the top of Nana Soi 4 that are full of biological women.

I found one at the bottom of Soi 4 called Chaos 9. There was one woman working in the bar and the rest were ladyboys. I met a really cute ladyboy in this bar. Sadly after 4 drinks and 4 ladyboy drinks my bill was well over 1000 baht. Seriously you need to watch these places.

The ladyboys in these bars are of course hookers although they tend not to go with customers as often as the gogo ladyboys do. It’s also possible to meet some really nice ladyboys in these bars. I know of one who married a guy from Europe and so it can work.

I’d say the biggest problem with this approach is that ladyboy bars aren’t that common in Bangkok so this method is really only suitable for expats or Bangkok regulars because it takes a long time to hunt out the specific bars. Oh, it’s probably a better technique to use in Pattaya or maybe Phuket.

Another problem is that the ladyboys in these bars can be extremely passable. So if you find a bar you like then it’s not always to tell if the ladies are ladies or ladyboys, especially if you’ve already had a beer or three…

By the way if you’re reading this and can recommend any beer bars where it’s good to meet ladyboys then let us know.

One other bar that was good was Otto Bar on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 22. However, I went there a couple of years ago and it was just another place to end up with a big bar bill from all those lady drinks. The ladies didn’t even chat to me much either. It was a huge waste of time and money.


Fuck me, dating in Thailand has just gotten worse over the years. Even ladyboy dating sucks now. No wonder MGTOW is gaining ground.

So what would I recommend?

  1. If you want to marry a ladyboy then forget about Thailand and go to the Philippines. I have to say that Filipino ladyboys are cuter too, and generally more petite than their Thai sisters. For meeting Filipino ladyboys then MyLadyboyDate is the best website to use. The good thing about this site is that you can chat to ladyboys in advance then set up potential dates before you go there.
  2. If you just want to fuck a ladyboy then check out Smoochi. Again, look at the app before you depart for Thailand and draw up a shortlist of your favourite ladyboys. Over the course of a month or so you’ll soon get to recognise the reliable regulars.

Okay, that’s my review of how to find ladyboys in Bangkok, preferably for longer term relationships. If you have any other suggestions then please do leave a comment below. Also let us know how your trip went!

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