Love Ladyboys? Not Gay? Then Don’t Make This Unfortunate Dating Mistake!

Thailand's TGirls often have better figures than the local Thai women!

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Hi guys,

In this post I’ll reveal the #1 mistake you guys make when you’re interested in dating ladyboys.

So what is the mistake?

DON’T date ladyboys and women at the same time.


The two problems you’re going to encounter if you date both ladyboys and women are:

  1. Women are generally NOT interested in men who like ladyboys, because women think you’re going to leave them for a ladyboy, or even another man.
  2. Ladyboys are paranoid that you’re going to go out and find a real woman.

Uh oh now we’re in some kind of endless loop that will destroy our man brains!!!

So what’s the solution?

There are some key rules to observe if you’re interested in dating both ladyboys and women:

  1. On your dating profile NEVER, EVER write that you’re seeking women and ladyboys. I learnt my lesson here – a few really good ladies on Thai Cupid (Thai Love Links) wouldn’t meet me because in my profile I said I was also interested in meeting ladyboys.
  2. If you’re on a date with a biological woman, avoid all mention of transgender people. Which is probably easy enough unless you’ve booked two tickets to see the Ladyboys of Bangkok show!
  3. If you’re on a date with a ladyboy, try to avoid mentioning that you also date women. In fact if you’re on a date in general, it’s best to be a gentleman and not mention dates with other women at all. What would James Bond do?
  4. Don’t ask a lady if she’s a ladyboy! I did this on Thai Cupid once – BIG MISTAKE! Well she insisted she was a lady. In hindsight maybe she was right.
My attempt to determine if I was talking to a lady or ladyboy on Thai Cupid ends in embarassment for all concerned. Maybe it’s better just to go on a date and see how the evening turns out…

So what’s the solution for online dating of both ladyboys and women?

I’ve got a few tips here:

  • Keep your dating profile vague. Be like a politician. Write a lot on your profile, but don’t promise or deliver anything. Women (and ladyboys) love mysterious guys so this approach has additional benefits.
  • If you can afford it, then join two different dating sites, one for ladies and the other for transgenders. You can do this by joining Thai Cupid or Cherry Blossoms for the ladies, then join Ladyboy Kisses or MyLadyboyDate for the ladyboys. I really like MyLadyboyDate these days – here’s my in depth review.
  • Ultimately you’re probably going to be better off emotionally if you decide between ladies or ladyboys. Or failing that spend a year or two dating exclusively ladyboys. If you like your experiences, then focus on them.

While living in Thailand I did manage to juggle both ladyboys and ladies in my dating schedule. I mainly used Thai Cupid to meet them both. I made my profile quite vague as to what I was searching for. This increased the number of potential dates I could go on, and was quite successful.

Are there any other things you should avoid when dating ladies or ladyboys? Leave your tips in the comments section below.

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