Anyone like TOP ladyboys? They don’t seem so popular…

Many men love the idea of meeting an exotic Asian ladyboy

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Editor’s Note: This article was formerly published on my now closed Asian Dating Forum. For some reason it was by far the most popular topic on the entire site. So I’ve reproduced it here…

During the course of my “investigations” into Bangkok’s ladyboy dating scene I’ve discovered that TOP ladyboys seem really eager to meet me.

It seems that TOP ladyboys are less popular with guys, so they find it harder to find a man.

Well this might be worth considering if you’re also checking out the ladyboy dating scene.

What is a TOP ladyboy? I’m pretty much a newbie at this kind of terminology. According to this article about the different sexual roles in ladyboy dating:

Being top means, you are the one who will penetrate your partner.

So I take this to mean that a top ladyboy will assume the more dominant, male role during sexy fun.

I’m not sure that’s what I want. Maybe it’s not what the majority of guys interested in ladyboys want either.

From my experiences on Thai Friendly so far, I’ve also found that ladyboys are more popular if they’re:

  • Young
  • Petite
  • Feminine/passable

Conversely, guys are less interested in older ladyboys, super tall ladyboys (taller than 5″ 8′) and those who, er, look like guys.

Of course there’s also a gay dating scene in Thailand, just as there is anywhere else. But what I’ve found out is that genuinely gay men are rarely, if ever, interested in ladyboys. Only hetero guys are into the whole ladyboy thing.

The third one in the list is pretty much the most important characteristic when guys look for a ladyboy. They just got to be, well, girly and feminine.

By the way, on MyLadyboyDate you can specifically search for ladyboys who are TOP, BOTTOM or VERSATILE. This is the only dating site that allows you to do this (although you can also search for gender roles on MyTransSexualDate).

So what do YOU look for in a ladyboy partner? Would you ever go for a TOP ladyboy? Or do you seek those who prefer the BOTTOM or a VERSATILE role? Below are some comments the original forum post attracted:

From our man in Bangkok:

Well I’m not sure if I’m running away from TOP ladyboys. Other the fact that my ass is a mess and the last thing it needs is a dick in it.

I have overcome one thing on this trip to Thailand. I’m no longer revulsed at the thought of touching a ladyboy. I’m definitely not gay and the thought of having sex with another man is pretty awful to me. But this time I’ve met a couple of ladyboys and all is well. They’re getting so passable these days, and the Thai women so fat and ugly that I’m definitely liking the idea of finding a long term ladyboy partner.

Now if only Thailand didn’t stop getting so expensive. It would be OK if salaries for expats were good, but they’re nothing like what you can earn in East Asian countries like China, Japan or Korea.

So what do YOU look for in a ladyboy partner? Would you ever go for a TOP ladyboy? Or do you seek those who prefer the BOTTOM or a VERSATILE role?

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