Confused about which ladyboy dating site to use? Maybe this questionnaire will help you out.

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Ladyboy Dating Site Questionnaire

Your age
How much can you spend per month on a dating site membership? $20+   $20 $0
Where are you from? USA/Canada   Europe Asia Elsewhere
Do you only want to meet much younger tgirls? Yes   No
Would you prefer to find an English speaking girl? Yes   No
Do you only want to date smoking hot tgirls? Yes   No
Which regions's tgirls do you like best? Latin America/Caribbean   Russia & Eastern Europe Asia Elsewhere
Have you dated a ladyboy before? Yes   No
Do you want a "mail order tgirl bride" who will live with you in your country after marriage? Yes   No
Are you worried about scammers? Yes   No
Are you also interested in dating women? Yes   No

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