Guides for Dating the Hottest Foreign Ladies

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So you want a foreign bride. Do you want a HOT foreign bride? If you do then you’ll need to improve your knowledge of foreign ladies. Knowing the dating secrets these experts reveal can make a big difference when it comes to that date with a perfect 10.

Sure, if you’ve got plenty of experience of dating women in your own country, then you shouldn’t have too many problems in a foreign country. Or will you? There are some baffling differences between Western and other cultures. If you’re not aware of them then you might have problems with the ladies you meet. It’s very easy for a small misunderstanding might end a promising relationship. So if you’re serious about finding an foreign wife or girlfriend then take a look at these useful guides.

Chinese Dating Secrets Exposed

When I first started looking for a Chinese wife, I was impressed at how many happy marriages there seemed to be between Western men and Chinese ladies. It was as if the entire Chinese dating scene was a bed of roses. But two years on I know many men whose marriages to Chinese ladies have broken down and ended in divorce.

Look, Chinese ladies are beautiful and can make loving and devoted wives. But my three years on Chinese dating sites have made me realise that most of the women on them are a complete nightmare.

But how do you spot the ladies worth marrying? How do you choose the ideal wife for you, when you know little of the 5000 years of Chinese culture, and when you don’t even speak Mandarin? Are you out of your mind in even considering looking for a Chinese wife?

Thankfully a few men have been through all the heartbreak so that you don’t have to. Read Chinese Dating Secrets Exposed and you’ll avoid making a big and expensive mistake. Read this guide and you’ll:

  • Find out the true character of that Chinese girl you’ve been chatting to online.
  • See how to weed out lazy girls.
  • Find easy ways to spot gold diggers.
  • Find out how to tell if your nice lady has actually been a mistress.
  • Learn about common cultural misconceptions that can make or break a relationship with a hot Chinese woman.
  • If you find that perfect Chinese girl, then how to win over her parents!

Take it from me, I’ve been to China twice and I am just astonished that men will rush into a marriage that they might regret months later. The Chinese ladies I’ve met have been very smart and capable of outwitting any man I know. If you want a Chinese wife you’ll have to be prepared for every eventuality. Read Chinese Dating Secrets Exposed and you’ll have a much better idea of exactly the sort of girl you want to find on Chinese Love Links, Chnlove or another Chinese dating site, and those that you want to avoid at all costs!

Understanding Japanese Women

I’ve dated a few Japanese women, and I must admit I found them pretty mystifying. One kept walking a few paces behind me. I found that strange. I thought that opening doors for ladies and letting them walk through first was good manners. But not in Japan! Wow, there is a steep learning curve if you want to find and keep that dream Japanese girl.

There are four different types of Japanese woman looking for a Western husband. Could you spot them? Are you already dating a Japanese woman that might not be a suitable marriage partner?

Understanding Japanese Women is a great guide to making sure you know exactly what you’re going if you’re looking for a Japanese wife. Don’t make the mistakes I and many other men have made, read this guide and find out exactly how to handle Japanese ladies.

By the way, Understanding Japanese Women also comes with some great extras, including guides on body language and the law of attraction. You may already know some of this, but it’s essential reading all the same. Japanese women are much in demand as wives. I went on Japan Cupid and only found tumbleweed. If you want to find a Japanese girlfriend or wife then you’re going to have to go that extra mile, and really know what makes Japanese women tick.

Incidentally, even if you’re not specifically interested in Japanese women, then it’s also a great read. Many of the chapters do apply to other Asian ladies, especially Chinese ladies! Yes there are tens of thousands of Chinese ladies on dating sites. But if you want to attract the best, then the more you know about Asian females the better.

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