Welcome to Thai Brides. On this site you’ll find loads of useful information about visiting and living in Thailand as well as meeting and dating Thai girls.

If you want to find a Thai bride then I highly recommend Thai Cupid. I averaged one date a week while I was using it when I lived in Bangkok. Sign up and check them out!

Got any questions about Thailand or Thai dating? Leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer you.

The Mail Order Brides Site was established in May 2011 as an essential resource for information about how to meet and date foreign women online.

I started this site because I’ve always wanted to find an Asian wife. In 2009 I finally started looking into it. I have talked to a large number ladies online. This is often as far as far as most mens’ dreams go!

So I have taken it one step further. I have visited a number of ladies in Asia. I booked those flights. I made that trip. I met ladies with 8-9 hours of jetlag to contend with. I got sick after visiting strange restaurants! I’ve been for dates in skyscrapers, expensive tea shops, restaurants and even factories. Most of all, I visited some exquisitely beautiful and interesting ladies.

I want to share with you my adventures, and my advice for anyone considering finding a foreign bride. Whether you’re looking for an Asian, Latin American, Russian or other foreign bride, I’ll help you with that search. Want to know which dating sites to use? Want help with those difficult first steps? On The Mail Order Brides Site there’s over 100 pages of useful information for helping you in your search for love.

Chinese ladies are increasingly popular as mail order brides
Chinese ladies are increasingly popular as mail order brides

Actually, I’ll let you into a secret. Despite the name of this site, mail order brides are a largely outdated concept. Latin America, Russia and Asia are booming these days. Yes you can still find poor farm workers who will marry men 30 or more years their senior. But look on a mail order brides dating site and you’re far more likely to find doctors, dentists, translators, teachers and business women. So let’s put the mail order bride myths to bed right now. For the record I’ve dated a women with careers including being a translator, a business lady, an accountant and a graphic designer. For the record two of the ladies earnt more than I did. Look on Chinese Love Links and you’ll find plenty of women with PhD’s and MBA’s. Of course there are also plenty of women who just want to be a housewife. Whatever type of lady you want, you’ll find her!

Remember to have fun and enjoy your search for your future partner. The search can be long and hard, but if you make the effort then you can find the foreign bride of your dreams.

Good luck!

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  1. i am looking for a young woman to take care of and who wants to have children and live in america with me i will work you stay home

  2. Hi I’ve try and try too find my special women but it seems too always never go through i have so much passion and love to give someone but it seems never too happened i don’t know writing this would do for me but if she is out there I’m here and more than willing to commit and married that special someone

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