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Are Japanese brides a good alternative to Thai brides?

Japan is a fascinating country, and Japanese ladies are amongst the loveliest on the entire planet.

However, I’m not convinced that Japanese wife would be a viable alternative to a Thai bride.

The main issues come down to cost, industrialisation and the cultural barrier.


I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Japan four times. The first two times I visited were during the heady days of 2007 and 2008 when the UK and American economies were riding high.

I managed to get around 240 Yen to a UK pound when I bought my travel money in 2007. By contrast, I’m writing this when the exchange rate is around 120 Yen to the pound.

So in the space of a few years, due to currency exchange rate changes Japan has got twice as expensive as it once was!

While food is reasonably priced in Japan, day to day items are pretty expensive. Despite the proliferation of 100 Yen stores, your money won’t go far in Japan.


Japanese women are lovely, but it's not at all easy to find a Japanese bride...
Japanese women are lovely, but it's not at all easy to find a Japanese bride...

Outside of city states such as Hong Kong or Singapore, Japan is easily the wealthiest country in Asia. Consequently, Japanese women don’t really need to marry for money. It’s not generally possible to find a Japanese mail order bride.

In fact, Japanese men often find it pretty hard to find a decent wife in Japan, and they face much the same problems we Western guys face in finding an attractive and easy going bride in our own countries.

Cultural Barrier

The cultural barrier between Japan and other countries is immense. Consequently it can be hard going to try and find a Japanese bride. And that’s before you even consider the significant language barrier.

I dated a number of Japanese women, but I didn’t really make much progress. Things were harder for me, since I didn’t actually live in Japan. But I’ve heard many stories of foreign expats who have lived in Japan and who haven’t have much success with Japanese women either.

My tip if you’re interested in Japanese women is to look at Chinese women as an alternative. It’s not too hard to find a Chinese wife – in fact it’s probably just as easy to find a Chinese wife as it is a Thai wife. If you’re American, Canadian, British, Australian or European, you’ll be popular with the Chinese ladies. I had a lot more success in China as well!

However, if you’ve set your heart on a Japanese bride, then it’s essential you know what you’re up against. This book is incredibly insightful:

My only regret is that I didn’t read it before I dated Japanese women!

If you’ve got any comments about Thai or Japanese women, or Asian women in general, then leave your comments below.

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