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If you’re interested in Thai dating and you want to experience something exotic, then why not date a TGirl?

TGirls (or transsexuals/ladyboys) are very common in Thailand. It’s estimated that up to 1% of the population of Thailand are transgender.  That’s certainly a similar figure to what I noticed while I was living in Bangkok. Given Thailand’s population of some 70 million, that means there could be nearly three quarters of a million TGirls in Thailand!

Where to Find TGirls in Thailand

You’ll find that TGirls are pretty numerous in most parts of Thailand. But they’re primarily located in the entertainment regions favoured by foreign tourists.

I had a look on the Ladyboy Kisses TGirl dating site, and these are the numbers of TGirls I found in each of the major cities/regions in Thailand:

  • Chiang Mai – 29
  • Pattaya – 78
  • Phuket – 65
  • Bangkok – 355
  • Khon Kaen – 32
  • Phitsanulok – 5
  • Nonthaburi – 5
  • Saraburi – 2
  • Songkhla – 3

These numbers are actually quite small compared to the numbers of TGirls who actually live in these cities. In reality, Pattaya is awash with single TGirls, and you’ll find them in many of Pattaya’s 20,000 bars and clubs. See below for my reasons why Thai TGirls aren’t so numerous online as you might think.

Anyway, in the statistics above, the take home message is that the best places in Thailand for dating TGirls are Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. I lived in Bangkok for 6 months and from what I saw by being out and about 1% of Thailand’s male population live as transsexuals. So even if you want to just hang out in a city like Chiang Mai, then you’re not going to have too many problems finding TGirls to date.

TGirls in Other Asian Countries

Thailand isn’t your only choice for Asian TGirl dating!

You’ll find that TGirls are reasonably common throughout Asia. I’ve visited Japan a number of times and I’ve seen a few TGirls there. Sadly Japan is stupidly expensive to visit these days, so I don’t recommend you go TGirl hunting in Japan.

Love ladyboys? If you want a TGirl partner, then you'll find a queue of beauties waiting for your love in Thailand...
Love ladyboys? If you want a TGirl partner, then you’ll find a queue of beauties waiting for your love in Thailand…

Chinese TGirls ought to be the best looking in the entire World. I’ve dated quite a few Chinese women, and every one has had a pretty spectacular figure. Chinese TGirls would be pretty darned awesome.

Unfortunately I’ve never seen any TGirls while I’ve been in China. I’ve also asked my Chinese girlfriends about TGirls, but they’ve all said much the same thing – there are no any Chinese ladymen (as they call them) in China.

I’m now living in China again but I had a look on MyLadyboyDate and I could only find 6 Chinese transexuals on the whole site. They were all based in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen/Guangzhou. So I’m doubly out of luck by living in a smaller tier 2 city.

The best option outside Thailand is the Philippines. Filipino TGirls are very common. In actual fact if you went on the numbers of members of Asian dating sites, then you’d think there were more TGirls in the Philippines than there are in Thailand.

This isn’t quite the case. However, many more Filipino ladyboys venture onto dating sites because:

  • They’re generally more computer literate than their Thai sisters.
  • Filipinos generally speak or write basic English, so they find it much easier to sign up to dating sites and chat to Western dudes online.
  • The Philippines has a history of sending its people overseas in search of opportunities, and increasingly the opportunities are to also be found online.
  • Since there’s less of a P4P and adult entertainment industry in the Philippines, a TGirl who wants to earn money in the Philippines will find it easier to earn money online.

So the Philippines is also a fabulous choice of Asian country if you’re a TGirl lover. Personally I think Philippines TGirls are often hotter then their Thai sisters. They’re generally a little more petite and curvy, and that helps them look more feminine.

Oh, and I should also mention that it’s also possible to find TGirls in Indonesia and Malaysia. If you’re in Bali or Kuala Lumpur then you shouldn’t have too many probs finding TGirls to meet. Just be aware that both countries have significant Muslim populations, and they’re not always that keen on the idea of transsexuals. So be a little discreet in these countries.

I spent a week in Kuala Lumpur. It’s a great city and I took way more photos there than I ever did in Bangkok, Thailand. While I was there I did notice quite a few ladyboys using WeChat. So if you’re in the city then get this Chinese chat app (it has an English language version) and see who you can find online.

TGirl Dating Sites

There are a few TGirl dating sites. Many are adult orientated and are full of hookers rather than anyone you’d want to meet for a longer term relationship.

One site that’s worth a look is Ladyboy Kisses. This site was the best Asian TGirl dating site around but the owners haven’t invested much of their profits in it and it’s gone a bit stale. Having said that , there are over 10,000 TGirls on that site! The vast majority of them are from Thailand and the Philippines.

Thailand's TGirls often have better figures than the local Thai women!
Toned and fabulous. Thailand’s TGirls often have better figures than the local Thai women!

This site really has a great selection of TGirls to choose from. On the downside, some of the male members of the site have told me that scammers are a big problem with this site. It’s not so much to do with the site and more to do with the nature of TGirls. The problem is that TGirls need money, and scamming men is a darned easy way of making some cash.

Thankfully it’s not too hard to spot the money lookers. And if you’re interested in a long term TGirl lover or you want to marry a ladyboy, then you’re better off chatting up the over 28’s. By this time they’re usually finding it harder to make big money in the youth-obsessed tourist industry, so they’re starting to think of their long-term future.

I’ll also recommend MyLadyboyDate. I’ve written an in-depth review of it which you can read here. I really prefer this one over Ladyboy Kisses. It is easier to use and has even more members than Kisses has. It also has ladyboy specific search features. So you can search for pre- and post- op TGirls, as well as transvestites and cute little femboys.

Finally if you’re more interested in non-Asian TGirls, or don’t want to travel all the way to SE Asia, then what about ladyboys in your own country? To find them check out MyTransSexualDate. This site is just perfect if you want to find and date ebony, Brazilian, Russian or other exotic types of TGirl.

One nice thing in your favour if you’re a Western guy is that there are many more TGirls seeking long term relationships than there are men who want to date them. So you can set your sights pretty high in terms of how hot your gf would be, or her age.

As far as age goes, 28-34 is a good age, and if you’re in your 50’s or 60’s then you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a TGirl partner who’s in her late 20’s to early 30’s.

On the downside, you might have trouble with your immigration department if you want to get your TGirl partner to your own country to live. For this reason I recommend you seriously consider living in or retiring to Thailand! The other good reason for doing this is that TGirls are more socially accepted in Thailand, plus the food is cheap and the weather is great!

So yes, there’s a lot more to Thai dating than just Thai women and Thai mail order brides. If your tastes are more exotic, then give TGirl dating a go!

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  1. Hello my name is Danny. I am seriously interested in marrying a Tgirl from either the Philippines or Thailand as most of the American Tgirls are money hungry and shallow which really turns me off. With that being said, I have certain financial limitations which hinder my search efforts. One is that I am on Social Security and unable to work due to a mental disorder. Two is that since I am dependant on the US government for my survival, permanently moving to a foreign country is simply not a viable option. Three is that since I am on a limited fixed income even a vacation in one of these countries would be iffy at best. I have price checked roundtrip airfare to both the Philippines and Thailand. They both cost in the $2,000-$2,500 USD range depending on what time of the year I will choose to travel there. Lastly, because I am on a fixed income of approximately $1100 USD per month, it would take about 6 months to 1 year of saving up money just to go to any of these countries. What my questions to you are Is there any way to reduce costs of such an expensive trip to either Bangkok, Thailand or Manila, Philippines? Do the governments of these countries offer subsidies or other cost friendly programs for someone such as myself who intends to marry a Tgirl from their country as opposed to just going there to just F around? Or do the airlines of these countries offer substantial discounts during slow travel periods during the year? Any advice or tips you could give me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time and effort of reading this e-mail!

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