Beautiful Russian Brides – Are They Worth Marrying?

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Thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier to find a foreign bride.

Think of foreign mail order brides and you’ll usually think of either Russian and Thai women.

So what’s the story with these beautiful Russian brides you see online?

Are Russian women for real, or are they more trouble than they’re worth?

Finding a Foreign Bride is Difficult!

OK so I’ll say straight up that finding a foreign bride is easy. Just go on a website like LoveMe or Russian Cupid and you can chat to Russian women all day and night. All you need to do then is find one you like, go and visit her then get engaged. Job done!

Except that it’s not usually that straightforward…

Why bother dating American women, when you can find a gorgeous Russian nurse to marry? Disclaimer: this hot girl may not actually be a real nurse
Why bother dating American women, when you can find a gorgeous Russian nurse to marry? Disclaimer: this smoking hot Ukrainian girl may not actually be a real nurse

First of all on dating sites you’ve got Russian brides scams to deal with. Most scammers are quite easy to spot – well if anyone asks you to send them money then that’s a big red flag!

Unfortunately other scammers can be hard to spot on these sites, so I’d always recommend you check out the antiscam guide so you know how to avoid a very expensive mistake.

Once you’ve made it past the scammers and the fake websites, then choosing the right lady for you is probably the biggest problem.

Finding The One will usually take a lot of effort, and it’s not always possible to find her on your first trip to Eastern Europe.

I can report that I’ve now visited a dozen Asian women in my search for my own foreign bride. That’s involved four costly long haul flights, plus hotel and entertainment bills on top. And I’m still not engaged to anyone I’ve met.

So if you want a beautiful Russian bride then you’ll have to factor in needing plenty of cash – it can be frustrating to meet a girl on a chat site then not being able to afford to visit her for six months while you raise the cash for the flight.

Finding the Right Beautiful Russian Bride

LoveMe is a great site for meeting incredibly hot Russian and Ukrainian women
LoveMe is a great site for meeting incredibly hot Russian and Ukrainian women

There are all kinds of Russian dating sites. I quite like the LoveMe Russian dating site. This site has a good search facility and a huge choice of ladies. What’s more, the site is run from a USA based company, so at least you know the site isn’t fake. The site is full of Russian beauties.

LoveMe also give you different ways of actually meeting the ladies on their site. You can book your own flight and hotel, or opt to visit the ladies on one of the many romance tours they run to Eastern Europe.

One tip I’ll give you is that if you want a beautiful Russian bride then it’s often better to go for a Ukrainian bride instead!


Well for one thing Ukraine is a cheaper place to visit than Moscow. It’s generally a little easier to get a travel visa as well.

But the best reason is the choice of hot and beautiful women!

I’ve done a lot of “research” on the LoveMe site and if it’s Eastern European women you’re interested in then Ukrainian brides are the hottest of the lot.

To fine tune your search even more, I recommend that you look for women in the Odessa or Lugansk regions of Ukraine. These regions seem to have the best looking Ukrainian girls of all.

Oh, and just in case you think I’m being superficial here, Ukrainian women aren’t just attractive, they’re brainy as well. I lost count of the number of models I saw who also had day jobs as economists or University lecturers!

When it comes to brains and beauty, Ukrainian girls frequently have both!

How to Choose Your Beautiful Russian Bride

Could you handle a beautiful Russian wife this hot?
Could YOU handle a beautiful Ukrainian wife this hot?

So how do you shortlist the best Russian bride for you?

Age-wise, it’s best to half your age and add seven years. The figure you get is the youngest woman you should chat to.

Women with kids from a previous relationship can be a little complicated to marry, especially if you want to live in the USA, Canada or another Western country after marriage. On the upside, divorced ladies are often desperate to find another man in their life, and you have a reasonably good chance that she won’t be prudish about sex. As a man who has dated prudish girls I can tell you that you need to weed out these women ASAP!

Many Russian women smoke – that’s partly how they stay so thin! Drinkers are also quite common, so blacklist these if either hobby is not to your liking.

Russian and Ukrainian women are tall, and they have the legs to prove it...
Russian and Ukrainian women are tall, and they have the legs to prove it...

Height is another issue – Russian women are for the most part very tall. Could you cope with a 5′ 9″ bride? Just think of the attention she will command if you both walk into a bar or restaurant!

Some Russian women dress very sexily for their dating site profile photos. Don’t discount the girls wearing thongs, stockings or other lingerie. Often they make great brides!

In fact I’m more weary of the girls who don’t make much effort with their profile shots. This often indicates they’re prudish, or they’re not really serious about finding a foreign husband. Again I’ve dated both kinds of foreign women, and they’re a big waste of your time – especially if you spend $$$ to go and visit them.

Beyond this, rely on your male instinct to be able to sift out the quality women from those who could make your life hell. This does take time, so it’s a good idea to live with a Russian woman for a few months before you actually get married.

Do you think a beautiful Russian bride is what’s missing in your life? Could you be bothered to go all the way to the Ukraine to find a foreign wife? Leave your comments below!

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  1. hey thanks for your page and info.. I generally like Chinese women looks because they are more often small and petite and though Russian women are beautiful even the slender ones have large or wide booties.. I think the sites promote this because I have seen lots of pictures of small booties women just not on any sites I’ve been on. Can you Chnlove but more than that is the time to write long caring letters only to find they do not even write them or read them.. But there has got to be a way to start a site of our own and be honest, right? I mean there are natural pics that to me look better than the fake touched ones.. Thanks…Truthmonger

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